Info Results for 5728

PTEN phosphatase and tensin homolog
Entrez ID: 5728 COSMIC: PTEN mutations OMIM: 601728
RefSeq (DNA): NM_000314 RefSeq (protein): NP_000305 Ensembl ID:

Info Details
This recessive cancer gene is mutated in 13 cancer types

* For this gene, CGC has information for additional 1 cancer type

Info Duplicability
This gene has 1 duplicated locus at 60% coverage on the human genome

Info Orthology
This gene originated with Last Universal Common Ancestor

Info Network Properties
This protein interacts with 98 proteins in the human protein interaction network

Info miRNA Information
This gene is regulated by 22 miRNAs

Info Protein Function
This gene is present in the functional classes:
                                                                                         Cell cycle
                                                                                         Cell motility and interactions
                                                                                         Cellular metabolism
                                                                                         Cellular processes
                                                                                         Regulation of intracellular processes and metabolism
                                                                                         Regulation of transcription
                                                                                         Signal transduction

Info Gene Expression
This gene is expressed in 99 tissues