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phosphatase and tensin homolog
10q23del, BZS, CWS1, DEC, GLM2, MHAM, MMAC11, PTENbeta, TEP1, PTEN

Gene Identifiers

Entrez ID
Ensembl Gene ID

mRNA Identifiers

Protein Identifiers

RefSeq (protein)
Uniprot ID
Ensembl protein ID

Protein Architecture

Disease Mapping



Driver Information

  • Tumour suppressor and healthy driver
  • Damaged in 670/7921 TCGA samples
  • Damaged in 138/1291 cell lines

Evolutionary Conservation

  • Last Universal Common Ancestor

Gene Duplication

  • One duplicate (60% coverage)

Gene Expression in Tissues

Gene Expression in Cell Lines

Protein Expression in Tissues

Protein Interactions

  • Interacts with 367 protein(s)
  • Part of at least one complex

miRNA Interactions

  • Interacts with 113 miRNAs

Germline Variation vs. Expected

  • Fewer loss of function mutations
  • Fewer damaging SNVs/indels
  • Fewer structural variants

Gene Essentiality

  • Essential in 3/1117 cell lines

Gene Function

Drug Target/Biomarker

  • Targeted by 0 drugs
  • Response/resistance in 13 cell lines
  • Response/resistance in 0 trials