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Description: phosphatase and tensin homolog Aliases: 10q23del, BZS, CWS1, DEC, GLM2, MHAM, MMAC11, PTENbeta, TEP1, PTEN
Gene Identifiers mRNA Identifiers Protein Identifiers Protein Architecture Disease Mapping Druggability
Entrez ID: 5728
RefSeq (protein):
SMART: domain composition
COSMIC: cancer mutations
Uniprot ID:
Ensembl Gene ID:
Ensembl protein ID:
OMIM: 601728 Pubmed: literature

Info Cancer Information
This gene is a tumour suppressor gene, significantly mutated in 20 primary sites.

Info Duplicability
This gene has 1 duplicated locus at 60% coverage

Info Orthology
This gene originated with Last Universal Common Ancestor

Info Network Properties
This protein interacts with 240 protein(s) and is part of at least one complex

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Info Gene Expression in Cancer Cell Lines
Info Protein Expression in Normal Tissues
Info Gene Essentiality
This gene is essential in 8 out of 170 human cell lines

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Info miRNA-Gene Interactions
This gene interacts with 113 miRNAs